Nuubo is not only a company focused on the present, but a company that looks and points to the future. Our company is based on the continuous improvement, evolution and expansion of our product portfolio and on being ready for the development of new systems and products, as well as their application onto new use cases and scenarios.

Our state of the art research allows us to feed back marketing and sales information to our engineering and development departments. 


Nuubo has participated succesfully in public funding research projects, and is currently working on several projects for specific use cases and applications, such as cardiac monitoring applications for babies and newborns and energy harvesting applied to extend the battery life of wearable solutions.

Research & Development

Nuubo is focused on developing the next generation of wearable medical technologies, which have the potential to significantly lower health care costs. Nuubo’s state-of-the-art laboratories support applied research and product development in new textile materials, electronics, software, biosensors, and medical engineering.

New Solutions

Based on BlendFix® a proprietary biomedical e-textile technologyNuubo’s OEM service are product customization, testing, production planning and manufacturing.