Core Technology

Nuubo has developed a wireless platform for remote cardiac ECG monitoring of individuals or large groups in an easy, cost-effective and flexible way. This provides new opportunity for cardiology: remote ECG monitoring in environments with high levels of physical activity (such as sports).

This capability is based on a wireless and dynamic ECG monitoring system that incorporates a proprietary biomedical e-textile technology – the BlendFix® sensor electrode.

BlendFix® dynamic ECG

Thanks to the innovative and proprietary textile electrode technology, BlendFix® sensor, the biomedical nECG TEXTILET allows for the easy capture of a patient’s ECG even in environments with high levels of physical activity, such as sports.


The product platform is based on a proprietary biomedical e-textile BlendFix® sensor electrode technology that is capable of being used in real-time using Bluetooth® wireless technology and for continuous recording.

ECG Analysis 

The sophisticated and highly automated analysis software uses beat-by-beat QRS detection and an artificial intelligence algorithm to classify and detect ECG anomalies.