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1.1 These General Conditions regulate the use of the service whose purpose is described in the second clause (the "Service") and makes available Smart Solutions Technologies, SL (hereinafter, "NUUBO") through the URL or any other that is used in the future (hereinafter the "Website").

1.2 The use of the Service implies your acceptance of each and every one of the General Conditions. Consequently, we request you read this documentation in full and that, only if you agree with all of the terms, use the Service at your disposal. NUUBO reserves the right to amend these General Conditions, in whole or in part, at a time that is convenient and in order to suit the changes occurring in the Service or for any other reason. You should read these Terms and Conditions each time you use the Service to ensure your knowledge and acceptance of the terms in effect at the time you use it. This is a single tract service whose duration is limited to the particular occasion and time period during which you are using the Service and on each the occasion that you access it. The acceptance of these General Conditions may only be made if you have full legal capacity to act or, where appropriate, if the use of the Service in question is made with the consent of those exercising parental authority over you, guardianship or similar institution.
If you do not understand any point of the General Conditions, you may not agree with its contents, or do not meet the requirement of the preceding paragraph, you should not make use of the Service.

1.3 Also, you must read the instructions, texts or specific notices that may exist in different sections or channels. These elements are fully applicable to the extent not inconsistent with these Terms and Conditions. You also agree to notify any vulnerability or security breach that you may observe while browsing or using the site.


2.1 The Service consists of public communication, provision or distribution in favor of your audio-visual, graphics, text, sounds, images or other (hereinafter, the "Content"). The Contents of the Website are the elements of previous introduction to the "homepage" or cover, as well as those included in the cover and in the various sections or channels. These sections or channels are sometimes directly produced or acquired by NUUBO and in other cases, these functions are performed, either shared between NUUBO and third persons, either directly by third parties who assume the editorial duties of its sections or channels and therefore are exclusively responsible for them. In each of the sections or channels you distinguish that fact with the symbol for "copyright" which appears on the first page of each. You can also access via links or hyperlinks to other "web sites" of third parties not part of the Website. NUUBO shall have no liability in relation to the content or services included in those "websites".

2.2 In order to maintain optimum quality of service, NUUBO may amend periodically, without notice, the contents included on the Website. Consequently, NUUBO may incorporate new sections or channels and may modify or terminate some existing channels.

2.3 In general, the service is free and it is not required to register or enroll as a user.

2.4 The Service may be used by all users who access the Website without having contracted any other Nuubo department. However, the Service is designed only for users of broadband Internet, ie users who access the Website with a speed equal to or greater than 100 kilobits per second. Prior to accessing the "homepage" or first page of the Website, NUUBO has satisfied these conditions and, where applicable, has given you the appropriate instructions.


3.1 You agree to use the services in accordance with the law, these General Terms, public order, customs and generally accepted morals. Accordingly, you should use the service properly and diligently and in any event, unlawful purposes, or purposes not allowed under the foregoing or that could be damaging to the rights, interests or property or any NUUBO third party. In particular, for example, it is absolutely forbidden to introduce any computer program or "virus" that can cause damage or unauthorized alteration of the Content, software or other items related to the Service or the Website.

3.2 You shall use the Service for your private use, excluding any exploitation of the Content, with or without profit, for other purposes. For example, you can not use the Service or its contents, in whole or in part, for any advertising activity.

3.3 You can create links or links from your personal page and the Website only if you meet every one of the following conditions: (i) the link must lead the user only to the home page of the Website, you can not establish links for direct access to other pages, sections or channels thereof, (ii) your personal page will not include any content contrary to law, public order, morality and customs generally accepted, in particular, the linke will not be allowed if your personal page includes content that is violent, pornographic or which undermines the image, privacy or other rights of third parties. does not include any information, express or implied, which suggests that NUUBO knows, monitors, assumes, adopts or has any relation to the personal page content in question or the holder thereof, (iii) the link will provide access to the Website but may not reproduce, totally or partially, its contents, (iv) you will not create a browser or border environment "over all or part of the Website and (v) can only use an item which industrial property rights belong to us (mark, trade name) to the extent that it forms an integral part the link.

3.4 If you use the Service in breach of any obligation arising from these General Conditions, law, public order or morals, customs generally accepted, you will answer all those damages, direct or indirect, caused to NUUBO or any third party (in particular, content providers with whom we collaborate) as a result of your failure.


4.1 NUUBO may use technical cookies when a User browses the sites and pages of this website. The technical cookies that can be used in this website are only associated with the browser of a certain computer (an anonymous user), and do not store any data of a personal nature, therefore we do not need the consent of the visitor.


5.1 All intellectual property rights of the original creations, derivative works or databases (including, without limitation, software, websites, images or any other) that can be accessed while using the service are reserved for NUUBO or the third parties cited in the first paragraph of the previous second stipulation. You can not carry out any activity with these elements other than the mere use of which is strictly necessary for the proper use of the Service. Consequently, it is forbidden to engage in any behavior involving the reproduction, distribution, public communication, making available, conversion or exercise of any other exploitation rights over all or part of the Content without the prior written permission of NUUBO or third party holder of the corresponding rights as provided in the first paragraph of the second stipulation.

5.2 We also reserve all intellectual property rights to trademarks or trade names owned by us or used under a license of the owner, that we use in connection with the Service. With the exception of those referred to in paragraph three of the third clause above (creating links), you can not make use of these trademarks or trade names without our specific written authorization. The same circumstance applies to industrial property rights owned by third parties. You must go to them to request specific written authorization if you want to use their trademarks or trade names.


6.1 The Service is provided on the basis that you useit at your own risk. NUUBO not will be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or otherwise, suffered by you or any third party, arising from the provision or failure to provide the Service. In particular, NUUBO is not in any way responsible for any actions or compensation to which you should encounter as a result of your use of the Service.

6.2 Notwithstanding as expressly provided in other sections of these General Conditions, NUUBO assumes no guarantees of any kind, implicit or explicit, regarding compliance with the service, your specific needs or requirements, nor of its continuing availability, uninterrupted or error-free.

6.3 Cannot guarantee absolute privacy and total security in your use of the Service, including circumstances such as, by way of mere example, illegal access to information about your use of the Service by unauthorized third parties or the existence in the Contents of "virus "or other items which could cause damage to your systems or computer files.

6.4 NUUBO does not guarantee the accuracy, reliability, accuracy, usefulness, completeness, timeliness, legality or morality of the contents included on the Website or those who may access via links placed on the Website. Consequently, NUUBO is not responsible for any loss or damage you could suffer or cause for this.

6.5 In no circumstances are we responsible for the following points: (i) the treatment and use of personal data by third parties in the various sections or channels of the Website, and the relevance of the information requested by them, (ii) quality and speed access to the Website as you should meet technical conditions for this purpose, (iii) payment ends and anything related thereto incurred through the payment method used and managed by third parties or (iv) for damages caused by any third party products or services made available to you by them through the Website.


7.1 We may terminate your access to the Service if we have reasonable certainty that leads us to think that you're making use of it violates the provisions of the General Conditions. We also reserve the right to terminate the Service, terminate our relationship with you unilaterally and immediately, without warning, if you have breached any of its obligations under the General Conditions. This is without prejudice to our side there is an obligation of supervision or control your use of the Service and our right to reclaim damages that could have been caused as a result of your breach.


8.1 For any dispute that may arise relating to the Service object of the present General Conditions, we will apply Spanish law.